The Platform

It has always been very difficult for clothing buyers to find a RELIABLE supplier or sourcing partner in Bangladesh. To manage the running productions EFFICIENTLY, has been another big challenge for them. In NITEX, our interactive online platform helps our clients visualize their running productions every moment on their screen and it enables them to communicate their commands to the suppliers in the most efficient manner by leveraging the state-of-the-art technology. And thus, we ensure the highest rate of efficiency and the maximum level of transparency of the processes involved.

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Key Features

Dashboard, Quick Actions and Notifications

In our platform, we have created an interactive dashboard showing you what has already happened and what is happening right now to your productions. It enables you to bring yourself into virtual LIVE monitoring anytime you want.

  • Monitor progress of all currently running projects at once
  • Know exactly what happened to your productions 2 minutes ago
  • Get back to the queries of different suppliers for all running projects
  • Get notifications in real time on what is happening right now

Project Profile and LIVE Updates in Timeline

A separate profile for each project is built, which includes summary of the project, checklist of deliverables and all updates in timeline.

  • Scroll down the timeline to see all updates from the day one till today
  • Add important notes in the timeline for the supplier with photos/videos
  • Approve/reject the queries asked by the suppliers
  • Cross check the list of deliverables with the ones you already received
  • Comment on the updates shared, photos posted, and queries asked

LIVE Inspection

For the first time in clothing industry, we have designed our system for watching the Final Inspection of your products LIVE. You may request for LIVE video follow up any day during productions and give your feedback in real time.

  • Get notifications when LIVE inspection starts
  • Give your feedback in real time for improvements and corrections
  • Archive all the inspections in our platform
  • Evaluate the success rate of productions using archived videos