Proficient Strategic Support

Failures in clothing productions such as poor quality of products and missing deadlines are greatly caused by the lack of proper project planning and risk management. In NITEX, before starting any production we build the most effective plan for that production so that it finishes on-time and the product quality is highly satisfied. While designing the strategy, we consider the local problems, global issues and all important factors mentioned by the clients. We also follow the hard and fast rule of risk management.

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Key Aspects

Strategic Project Plans

After getting the PO sheet from buyers our strategic team develops plans for every individual project and maintains the plan in a very organized way by visiting factory every day. This strategic plan leads us to have the control of production time and fulfill the commitment given to our clients.

  • Have a concrete plan at hand before starting productions
  • Control your productions as planned by our strategists

Risk Management

Risk of unfortunate happenings always exist in planned work, but we keep that potential of risk also in our control by backup. We make strategic plan in best possible solid way to manage those risks.

  • Keep your plan B ready with help of our strategists
  • Consider all risks and calamities under control

Emergency Legal Support

Some clients while they are working with Bangladeshi factories they feel they need legal support because of violation of commitment and nondisclosure agreements by factory people. We have good news for you, we have a dedicated legal team for your assistance and we are the very first of its kind. Our team will provide you any sort of logical legal support whenever you need.

  • Have your own legal team for consultancy
  • Resolve legal issues in local terms with help of our legal consultants