Full-fledged Production

Ensuring great quality of products with such price constraints is the biggest challenge for clothing factories in Bangladesh. On the other hand, buyers find it very difficult to source the right factory with goodwill and reputation in the industry. In NITEX, our production team acts as a match-maker between these two stakeholders. We ensure the most competitive price of any products in KNIT/WOVEN/SWEATER items, best matching factories for clothing brands and buyers, actual samples within 7 days, bulk production in millions done at least 1 week ahead of ETD, and last but not the least, highest quality of the products.

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Key Aspects

Quoting the Best Price

Our in-house merchandisers measure consumption & quote the price and then compare it with at least 3 factories for ensuring the most competitive price.

  • Provide inquiry files and get quotations within 2 days (max)
  • Compare the price with at least 3 other factories
  • Verify your product prices with provided breakdown from us

Samples in 5 Days

Our Sample section is capable of producing 200 pcs of samples per day. We happily support our clients for Salesman samples.

  • Get fit samples within 7 working days (max)
  • Print actual strike offs and make all tests done before order
  • Have great quality SMS and grow your business

Best Matching Factory

On behalf of you, our production team visits factories regularly and distinguishes them in A, B, and C categories based on their price ranges, and quality issues.

  • Choose the best matching factory for you from 50+ finest ones
  • Whether it is KNIT/ WOVEN/ SWEATER, get several factories on each
  • Require compliance and get ACCORD/ BSCI/ Green listed factory

Bulk Production

We have done bulk productions on varieties of products like t-shirts (basic & fancy), polo shirts, pull over, sweat shirts, jackets, trousers, pants, bathing suits, and what not. Our capacities are 27 M/yr in circular knit, 15 M/yr in sweater knit, and 11 M/yr in woven items.

  • Have a dedicated team for monitoring the production 24/7
  • Get full production done in 60 days, even when quantity is big
  • Get every second’s updates through our online platform
  • Ensure the highest quality of the products (<2% defects)

Final Inspection

While you stay in your own country, we do Final Inspection of your products maintaining 100% quality.

  • Virtually run the Inspection process by yourself
  • Watch LIVE streaming of the whole inspection process
  • Give comments and opinions on quality issues in real time