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Personal Protective
Equipment for
Frontline Professionals

Delivering bulk amount of CE and FDA certified PPE in

CE and FDA approved

1M+ on-demand production

Delivery in 1 week

Hospital-grade PPE

Healthcare professionals are the most susceptible to get infected by COVID19 as they are highly exposed. We provide PPEs for healthcare professionals including:

Non-medical usage

Food-production, logistics and banks can not sit back even in this crisis. Development organizations have to work from the front line to support developing countries. Thinking of their needs, we are making protective items for non-medical usage.

Testing reports are available on request

Protective Equipment

Our Trusted Customers

Frequently asked questions

Your questions are answered

How do I know the price?

Due to huge demand, we can not give a fixed price. We are trying to cope up with the rapid changes everyday. Please click here to tell us your needs. We will get back to you soon with today’s price.

How many days for delivery?

It depends on when you place the order. Despite challenges such as flight space and material shortage, we are trying our best to deliver within 7-10 days. Let us know if you need them for your team.

Who handles the shipping?

If you have your own settings, we advise you to arrange shipping by yourself. If not, we are always here to help. We will ship the goods for your up to your warehouse.

Still have questions?

Message us at

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