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Question and Answer

If you’re new to NITEX or looking for the right sourcing partner, we encourage you to go through this guideline. It will help you learn more about our platform and its features

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide an end-to-end outsourcing solution for you to get any kinds of apparel products from Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China. 

Simply share your product needs with us, we take care of the rest until goods reach your warehouse. You can effectively monitor every part of your productions in real-time, review quality remotely, and ensure on-time delivery of goods.
It vastly varies. For now, don’t worry about the MOQ. Just submit your product design here and let us deliver the goods to you.
Nothing extra. You simply pay the product price.
Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam. Oh another thing, you can get almost any product from one of these three countries. So, you are covered!
Not necessarily. We help you take the first step to start your own brand. Just sign up with us and check out our products. Pick anything you like and start a project right away.
Absolutely not. NITEX partners in freight services will get your goods from the sourcing country to your warehouse. You won’t have to worry at all.
If you have a bank account, that will be enough. Simply transfer the fund to our bank or you can do L/C (Letter of Credit). If none of this works for you, don’t worry. You can always pay with Credit Card.
Not yet. But we can start anytime. Keep an eye on our blogs to receive the announcement fastest.

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