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About us

Though our team comprises varied expertise like designers, textile professionals, and engineers but every single one of us is like an entrepreneur. We are very democratic in our ideas. We are a bunch of crazy problem solvers.

Our Background

Findings from our conversations with over 200 clothing buyers led us to build NITEX. Delay in delivery, poor quality of goods, and ineffective communication are the major problems they face every day while working with factories in China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. To solve these issues, we started NITEX capitalizing on technology to ensure quality and on-time delivery of goods for the brands, individual sellers and social media influencers.

Our Strategy

We never stop thinking. We keep innovating in building tools, doing better communication, and providing better services to the brands and individual entrepreneurs. Our aim is to become the most impactful contributor of the entire fashion apparel industry by building a transparent ecosystem. We are bringing all stakeholders in a single ecosystem and empowering them all, from individuals to influencers to brands.


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Capacity (Pcs/ Year)


Production Lines

Our Qualified Members


We have been doing business with NITEX for over two years, assigning them production orders for important governmental tenders. In my 28 years of experience their service, delivery timing, and quality have proved to be nearly impeccable while keeping a reasonable price level. Their efforts count more than anything. They said no to anything. Always ready to listen to us and never make excuses!


After working for 20 years with Bangladesh, I’m really happy to finally find a young company with a great team, with a really fast reactivity to my needs, with competitive prices, and respecting the production time. We can reach them any time and get a reply in an hour, many times sooner. I’m glad to have started a new collaboration with this team and sure it will last for years!


NITEX is not a manufacturer. It’s not a trading company. It’s not an online store or market place. NITEX is the future of the textile business. They cover everything from the factory to show our production status live in streaming! Yes. That can be termed as Textiles 4.0! When they say it’s 24/7, it means that the team is always available to pick up the phone when you call them. Their customer service is great!


NITEX is excellent at communicating from design through production and all the way until shipments are received. The products we receive are always top-notch material and the packaging is durable. If there is ever an issue with a shipment deadline, they do everything in their power to make sure we have something in our hands, if not everything. Working with the NITEX team does not feel like work!