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One-stop solution
for outsourcing
apparel products

From design to manufacturing to shipping

One-stop Solution
for Outsourcing
Apparel Products

From design to manufacturing to shipping

How we work

We take full responsibility for the projects from product design to manufacturing to shipping until the goods reach your warehouse.

Share your design

Do you have a product design? Simply share with us. Or, pick a design from our Product book.

Get instant quotation

Receive an idea on the product price instantly. Within 24 hours, you will receive the final price.

Develop products

Develop the custom-made product samples within 2-7 days based on your requirements

Manufacture in bulk

Produce thousand to million pieces of garments with 45 – 60 days lead-time through our network

Assure product quality

Assure the finest product quality throughout the production with our highly expert QC team.

Execute Final Inspection

Check your finished products with International Quality Standards and visualize the whole process.

Get home delivery

Do not worry about freights, customs or trucking. We will deliver goods to your warehouse

Track in real time

Visualize every project in real time from day 1 up to the delivery of goods to your warehouse.

Who is NITEX for?

We empower social media influencers, individuals and SME fashion brands, burdened and exhausted with the breadth of apparel sourcing processes. We are fulfilling their overseas orders by optimizing their experience from day 1 up to the delivery of goods

Fashion brand with

<$10m imports

You are a buyer and want to source the most responsible overseas partner. We are that for you. Let us know where you need the support from design to shipping. We are open for customizing any of our services. Just give us a buzz.

Your own brand on


If you are an individual seller on Shopify or Amazon and aspire to build your own brand one day, we are your partner in crime. We will empower you from design to shipment with a big save on manufacturing.

Corporate wears or

promotional goods

For Event firms, Corporate Wears. Promotional Products and Tenders we offer the standard partnership. We will assist you in starting from development up to shipping your products. You can consider us as your own team.

Merch on

social media

From an Individual to an Influencer – we know what it takes. We are here to unburden you from all the responsibilities for your Merch. Simply pick your design with us and focus on your marketing, we will take care of the rest.

Why you should choose us

Responsible for the project

We take full responsibility of your project – quality issues, on-time delivery, and shipment. We have your back all the time

One stop solution for all needs

We provide a comprehensive solution for you from design to manufacturing to shipping. You will not have to go to different doors anymore

Intuitive production follow up

We innovated our Production Follow up Tool so that you can communicate, command and run your productions in the most intuitive and easiest manner.

Transparency and Visualization

We give you updates directly from the manufacturing units though our platform, which helps you visualize the production progress in real time.

Efficient and experienced expertise

We employ the most efficient, experienced, and trusted expertise in the industry to run your productions so that your products get the best attention.


Save on design & sourcing cost


Assurance of on-time shipments


More earnings in yearly revenue